While we’re busy working on the upcoming STAR TREK EPISODE – JUNE 20, and BIG FOOT EPISODE – JUNE 27, please check out some of the below offerings!  Our approach here is to try to take an Edward D. Wood Jr. cleaver to history, then smash it with some ‘dumb-sauce’, and finally package it all up in David Lynch’s rejected ideas.

If you don’t like our stab at Art, well, there’s a long line developing behind you; but if you DO, please, please, rate and review us on whatever media you use!  THIS JUNK IS HARD WORK!!

Episode Seizure – The Lesser Known Building Series //2// The White House

Featuring Garret Adkins, Andy Johnson, and Katie Kapugi, we delve into the dark, literally ‘alien’ past of the White House and encounter President Trump on the way to the occult room buried in the dirt beneath the White House Library.  Based on a true story.

Special thanks to these guys:
Tristan Lohengrin for “Happy 8bit Loop 01”