Episode Vendredi: The Aztec Death Whistle

Aztec Death Whistle destroys the world and ruins a good movie.

Oscar Lofgren: Coworker/Taxi Driver/Ad Reader
Alex Perkins: Airport Voice
KT Kapugi: Disgruntled Partner/Airport Voice
Rob Kerruish: Radio DJ/Airport Voice
Loren Bogaard: Manager
Helen Yao: Airport Ticket Counter
Tom Fast: Grocery Clerk
Sarah Millard: Flight Attendant/Airport Voice
Allen Cameron as the Mayor of Mexico City

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Special thanks to Benjamin Mastripolito for his ‘Groove Music’ track

Episode 19//the first WHIPPET EPISODE//The Defenestration Of Prague

This, the first ‘Whippet Episode’ of Dented Dimension, was crafted to celebrate the announcement of Dented Dimension’s first 6-part Historical Mini-Series, THE STORY OF THE WHEEL, coming in September. MORE TO COME!

Thanks to: Tom Fast, Vincent Oreski, and Katie Kapugi

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