29: The Sea Wolf, by Jack London, Part III

All Roads lead to Spokane and an INSANE CULT. ALIENS, NAVY SEALS, The PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, Becker’s Jr, and a North Korean HIGH EXECUTIONER converge on NEBRASKA.

Greg Lavoie as Beckers Jr.
Oscar Lofgren as Captain Nudercrotch
Jason Rigden as Nudercrotch’s Assistant
Loren Bogaard as Aardvark Teepee Manager
CJ Roby as The President of the United States
Aubrie Dollinger as President’s Aid
Thomas Fast as Tom
Sarah Gillespie as Woman Dispatcher and Woman on Cell Phone
Allen Cameron as Dispatcher
Vincent Oreski as Toll Booth Operator
Damyn Allen as Fisherman
Adam R. as Ducktales
Katie Kapugie as Girlfriend
Rob Kerruish as Kim Sung II
Matt Taylor as Cult Member
Sean Dolstad as Cult Recruiter
John Weber as Cult Leader

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