31: The ‘Burbs

What happens when the new family on the block are NECRONOMICON-worshipping SATANISTS? This.



Sarah Gillespie as Sarah
Allen Cameron as Franko
Matthew McMillen as Clinton
Oscar Lofgren as Al Jolsen
Greg Lafoie as Mormon Husband
Aubrie Dollinger as Mormon Wife
Adam R. as The Sheriff
Jason Rigden as The Deputy
Elizabeth Bergquist as Diner Waitress
Matt Taylor as Diner Cook
CJ Roby as Satanist Priest
Loren Bogaard as The Boss
Tom Fast as Tom

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30: The Sea Wolf, by Jack London, Part IV

How does James Franco tie in with a hippie death cult bent on the assassination of a major world figure? This episode will tell you.

Greg Lavoie as Beckers Jr.
Oscar Lofgren as Captain Nudercrotch
Jason Rigden as Navy SEAL Sidekick
CJ Roby as the President Wojciechowski
Sarah Gillespie as Narrator and Hotel Clerk
Rob Kerruish as Kim Sung II
Steven Webber as Hippie Death Cult Leader
Sean Dolstad as Hippie Death Cult Recruiter
Matt Taylor as Hippie Death Cult Member
Loren Bogaard as Aardvark Teepee Manager
Tom Fast as Tom
Katie Kapugi as Liberal Girlfriend
Adam R. as Ducktails
Allen Cameron as Cop & Delivery Man
Clayton Bray as Barista
Aubrie Dollinger as Presidential Aid to the President of the United States

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