The Story of the Wheel///Episode 1

Episode 1 – The Beginning
Pic-Poc is called upon by a strange wizard.

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Charley Kempthorne as Narrator –
Matthew McMillen as Pic-Poc –
Rob Kerruish as Proth
Loren Bogaard as Tyrd
Ronee Collins as Dinkle
Allison Bolton as cave sister-in-law
KT Kapugi as Blaka
Valaree Folwer as the evil step cave-mom
Oscar Lofgren as Barblut
Theme Song by Alex Perkins
And Damyn Allen as the High School Professor

Episode Vendredi: The Aztec Death Whistle

Aztec Death Whistle destroys the world and ruins a good movie.

Oscar Lofgren: Coworker/Taxi Driver/Ad Reader
Alex Perkins: Airport Voice
KT Kapugi: Disgruntled Partner/Airport Voice
Rob Kerruish: Radio DJ/Airport Voice
Loren Bogaard: Manager
Helen Yao: Airport Ticket Counter
Tom Fast: Grocery Clerk
Sarah Millard: Flight Attendant/Airport Voice
Allen Cameron as the Mayor of Mexico City

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Special thanks to Benjamin Mastripolito for his ‘Groove Music’ track

Episode 19//the first WHIPPET EPISODE//The Defenestration Of Prague

This, the first ‘Whippet Episode’ of Dented Dimension, was crafted to celebrate the announcement of Dented Dimension’s first 6-part Historical Mini-Series, THE STORY OF THE WHEEL, coming in September. MORE TO COME!

Thanks to: Tom Fast, Vincent Oreski, and Katie Kapugi

Episode 20 – The Aztec Death Whistle, will be coming out in 2 weeks, not 10 days as I falsely stated in the outro, look for it on Monday the 23rd (this will be full-sized)

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While we’re busy working on the upcoming STAR TREK EPISODE – JUNE 20, and BIG FOOT EPISODE – JUNE 27, please check out some of the below offerings!  Our approach here is to try to take an Edward D. Wood Jr. cleaver to history, then smash it with some ‘dumb-sauce’, and finally package it all up in David Lynch’s rejected ideas.

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Episode Seizure – The Lesser Known Building Series //2// The White House

Featuring Garret Adkins, Andy Johnson, and Katie Kapugi, we delve into the dark, literally ‘alien’ past of the White House and encounter President Trump on the way to the occult room buried in the dirt beneath the White House Library.  Based on a true story.

Special thanks to these guys:
Tristan Lohengrin for “Happy 8bit Loop 01”

Episode Cannes: The Principality of Sealand

Midlife crises mean different things to different people, but to supreme weirdo Paddy Roy Bates, it meant taking over a sea fort in the middle of the English Channel and calling it a country. In this episode of Dented Dimension, we meet the founder of the world’s first micronation, The Principality of Sealand… and attack it with Andy Johnson in a helicopter. Amen. And RIP Paddy Roy Bates, wherever you are.


Andy Johnson


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